Greek Breakfast

Everyday we bid you “Good Morning” with fresh Mytilenian products!

Our Greek Breakfast, which is formally certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, bids you every morning the best -hospitable and tasteful- “good morning!”. The Greek Breakfast, which is served at the respective lounge, is prepared everyday in our hotel kitchen with fresh ingredients right from the local producers we so strongly support. You can’t really miss out on tasting our traditional Lesvian recipes, prepared in honor to our land and people.

Just so we tinkle a little bit your taste buds with our mouthwatering goods, our Greek Breakfast includes: handmade jelly, “balezes” which is a traditional cream made with rose water, rice pudding, the renowned Lesvian “baclavas”, a great variety of organic jams, “tsatalia” kneaded with Mytilenian olive oil and wheat flour, homemade bread, small pies with our very own “ladotyri” cheese, “chachla”, “sfoyggato”, “giouzlemedes”, sweet and sour crepes… Are you hungry yet?! Come join our Greek table.